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This is the issue of our time.

Society has been taken over by divisive identity politics, grounded in dangerous ideology. Far from progressively striving for equality, we have entered a regressive era in which the immutable characteristics of a person matter more than anything else.

People are obsessed with self-identity. Groups are pitted against each other. Victim hierarchies reign supreme. We are told that men can become women. We are told that all white people are racist. Our sense of reality is being diluted. Free speech is under attack.

I should know - I was expelled from my Masters’ degree in psychotherapy for daring to speak out.

This Substack aims to offer a cathartic antidote to the chaos we are living through.


James Esses is a commentator, writer and advocate on the impact of ideology on society.

He frequently appears on television, including on GB News and TalkTV, and writes for a number of publications, including the Mail, Telegraph, Spectator, Spiked and Critic.

James is the co-founder of ‘Thoughtful Therapists’, a group working to challenge the ideological capture of the mental health professions.

He is currently taking high-profile legal action against the largest therapeutic regulatory body in the UK, after being expelled from his Masters’ degree for speaking out about gender ideology and its impact on child safeguarding. His Crowdjustice page can be found here. Coverage of his case can be found in the Daily Mail, the Times and the Telegraph.

Prior to this, James was a Criminal Barrister and spent many years specialising in crime and criminal justice in the public sector, including tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation.


I recently took the decision to drop the paywall from all of my articles. Bringing these issues to light and blowing the whistle on ideological capture across society is far too important.

However, I rely on the support of my subscribers to enable me to continue doing this work.

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James Esses is a writer, commentator, and the co-founder of Thoughtful Therapists and the Declaration for Biological Reality. He advocates around the political, legal, health and cultural impact of ideology.